Don't Rest Your Head Actual Play Session 1

Real Life(tm) reared it’s ugly head the past few weeks and really put a cramp on our gaming schedules. Don’t Rest Your Head was supposed to be a two session Halloween Special. We did character creation the week before Halloween, and then couldn’t play again until the last week in November! Complications aside, DRYH is going pretty well for us. We enjoy the system and got into our characters pretty quickly. Presented here is our second session. We skipped the first session because it was mostly character creation and rules explanation. Actually, it was mostly drunken bullshitting interspersed with the occasional rules explanation or idea for a background. Here’s a quick rundown of the players and characters:

  • Dan is the GM.
  • Jen plays Samantha Hopkins, a stoner searching for The Perfect Drug.
  • Kevin plays Trevor Anderson, the closeted douchebag frat guy running from a Craigslist stalker.
  • CJ Plays Jason Standish, a Doctor doing his residency at the local hospital when a corpse gets up and runs out the front door.
  • Brandon plays Justin Hiedsick a soldier trying to return home, haunted by the loss of his friends.

Crunchy Bits!

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