Discussion 53: Further Discussion of the Gaming Commandments

After our 10 Commandments of Gaming discussion Ron Edwards posted* a great comment asking a whole bunch of questions with some commentary. So we decided to address as many of his questions and comments as we could. Enjoy!

*Turns out it was someone posing as Ron, or someone who coincidentally has the same name. Ah well. It was a fun episode to record and there’s good discussion in there anyway.

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4 Responses to “Discussion 53: Further Discussion of the Gaming Commandments”

  1. Ron Edwards Says:

    The person to whom you are responding is not me. I did not leave that question-filled response to the 10 Commandments podcast.

  2. Kevin Weiser Says:

    So it seems. Well, they were good questions anyway and we had fun answering them. I’ve sent the guy (?) an email, maybe we’ll find out what’s going on, maybe not. Either way, it was a fun episode with some good discussion, so I think it stands on its own.

  3. David Jay Says:

    You know what, I just recently came across another not actually Ron Edwards. The one I found was actually ROD Edwards down here in Orlando, who is also designing games it seems.
    I was really confused as to why the guy who designed Sorcerer, the Forge, and GNS theory would come down to the “hippie game” desert (except for me, it seems) to run games at basically a Pathfinder convention. Then I noticed I didn’t read the first name carefully enough, haha.

  4. Jason Ramboz Says:

    Firstly, I just recently discovered this podcast, and I must say that I love it! I’ve been having a blast listening to some of the past episodes and catching up a bit (though I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t manage to make it through all five years of back catalog).

    I came here to comment that, for further examples of the “GM/DM as adversary” idea, check out the “Scumbag DM” meme:


    I think that should give you all the examples you could ever want. (Also, I have to note that the titular DM pictured is a friend of mine, and despite appearances he’s hardly ever a scumbag at all!)

    Anyway, thanks for the great podcast! Looking forward to listening to more.

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