Welcome to the home of The Walking Eye! We are a group of gamers passionate about exploring the myriad new horizons of the gaming industry, whilst engaging in animated discussions about the ins and outs of this glorious hobby. Lately we’ve discovered the paradigm-shattering power of the indie game and it’s reawakened the fire of collaborative creation within us. Each month we’ll release Actual Play sessions of the cutting edge of story gaming. Many of these games have to be seen or played to really grasp, but we all know finding the right mix of players can be a daunting task. Allow us to show you if a game’s right for you and your players. Our intended format is to run 3-5 sessions of actual play followed by a review of the game and when possible an interview of the designer or other involved parties. On weeks that we cant game we’ll try to do a discussion show with topics on RPG Theory and gaming advice.