Numenera Actual Play 3

We continue our journey through the creepy Voil Chasm.

(Note: CJ was quite sick during this recording, but ever the dedicated role player, he did a great job!)

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  1. Shimmin Beg Says:

    For what it’s worth, around 20 minutes in Allegra asked why they went with “tier” and Kevin said it’s because everything has to be different, not entirely seriously.

    I’m pretty sure they used “tier” specifically because they use “level” for the challenge posed by enemies and ciphers, and don’t want to confuse the issue. Using “level” for both would sort of give the impression that a Tier X character is suited to a Level X challenge, which isn’t really how it works, as well as just making things complicated. See Order of the Stick ( for why different words are a really helpful idea!

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