Burning Empires – Fires Over Omac Actual Play

Posted in Burning Empires, Play Sessions, RPG Only on April 30th, 2009 by Kevin Weiser

A little while back Jen invited her old DM from back in the day to come up and join us. He was curious to see what all these newfangled storygames were all about, so we decided to run the con scenario for Burning Empires: Fires Over Omac.  Kevin was GM, and the players were Jen, Brandon, and Brian. Pardon us if we sound a bit preachy, we were trying pretty hard to show Brian how different these games were, from the design to the philosophy behind the design. We may come off as frothing evangelists from time to time. I (Kevin) had tried to run Fires Over Omac a couple times before with varied degrees of success, but this time I think I did pretty well.  Our original plan was simply to record this for personal reference later, but upon further listening it came out as a pretty strong example of Burning Empires play. Because of this, our noise discipline was not as good as it usually is, so please excuse the background clutter.

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