Numenera Actual Play 1

Kevin, CJ, Troll and Allegra begin their foray into Monte Cook’s Numenera, with complex character sheets and character classes!

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9 Responses to “Numenera Actual Play 1”

  1. Keovar Says:

    Perfectly-fitting, ever-clean, cool pants =

    Sphere with a drill attack = a literal screwball?

  2. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Goddamnit! If I’d known about that fancy pants song, I would have put it as the outro!

  3. Bill Olander Says:

    Thanks guys. I had put in for the Kickstarter run but my interest had waned in the time between the kick starter and the game’s release. It sounded quite a bit more interesting in your descriptions than I thought. I guess I got the impression that it had drifted much more rules light during development. I’m going to have to dig out the book now.

  4. Keovar Says:

    Well, there may be opportunity to make use of the song in a future episode. If the group ends up in a terribly hot environment, those cool fancypants might save a life!

    Jonathan Coulton’s music would likely be good to familiarize yourself with for future use, as much of it is full of references that fit ‘geek culture’. He wrote the Still Alive song for Portal, and perhaps best of all for the podcast, most of his stuff is released under a Creative Commons license.

    That video’s channel, Spiffworld, has made videos of many of JoCo’s most popular songs, like RE: Your Brains, Code Monkey, The Future Soon, Creepy Doll, and Skullcrusher Mountain.

    Thanks for covering Numenera! Even though I may never get to play it myself, it’s interesting to hear others playing and reacting to the game. :)

  5. Kevin Weiser Says:


    Oh yes, well aware of JoCo. We’ve used his songs multiple times in the past. But, I kinda stopped keeping up with him a few years back, so his newer stuff is unknown to me. Obviously, I should remedy that!

  6. @seanovan0 Says:

    The pants!!!

  7. Jim Ryan Says:

    Well done, folks – looking forward to this.

    Yes, one of the big mysteries in the setting is why humans are back when, from an evolutionary standpoint, they shouldn’t be. Given that the entirety of Earth and its solar system appears to have been adjusted and engineered and re-engineered on a molecular level by previous empires, it’s implied that it’s due to outside influence. I’m given to understand there may be clues about why humans have been brought back at various points in the setting but I haven’t yet had a chance to hunt them down.

    Also, thus far every time I run this game, I have the players roll for oddities, and somehow someone always gets the cool pants. I’m beginning to suspect the cool pants are just one of life’s inevitabilities.

    Birth. Death. Taxes. Cool Pants. 😉

  8. Kevin Weiser Says:


    I zeroed in on the whole “Why are humans so… human?” aspect too. It’s one of the most interesting mysteries of the setting!

  9. Lex Starwalker Says:

    I really enjoyed this episode! Looking forward to more. I’ll be sure to plug your cast on my own Numenera podcast, GM Intrusions. Another great mystery in the setting is why the sun isn’t a red giant.

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