GenCon 2010 Recordings: Luke Crane and Jared Sorensen: Game Design is Mind Control

Kevin and Jen got the chance to hear Luke and Jared’s GenCon panel on the fundamentals of game design. It was a very interesting and entertaining discussion. Many thanks to Sorencrane for letting us record it for them! Hope you all enjoy it.

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13 Responses to “GenCon 2010 Recordings: Luke Crane and Jared Sorensen: Game Design is Mind Control”

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    […] seminar, Game Design is Mind Control. And even if you weren’t there, you can listen to it here. This was written by admin. Posted on Wednesday, August 11, 2010, at 12:37 pm. Filed under […]

  2. brian Says:

    Interesting listen.
    I have a question: At one point Luke makes mention of a game he designed in which PCs don’t get to go shopping; they start in the middle of the action. This does not appear to describe any of his games I’m familiar with. Do you know what game he was talking about?

  3. Kevin Weiser Says:


    He was referring to Mouse Guard. The GM on his turn is supposed to throw an obstacle at the players right away. No prep time! No lollygagging!

  4. Reynaldo Raffa Says:

    Intriguing article, i am glad to have found this while searching on bing. Absolutely will bookmark.

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