Poison’d Actual Play Session 1

Kevin, CJ, Dan, and Brandon sit down for our third and final D. Vincent Baker game: Poison’d: A Pirate RPG. This session covers the creation of our individual pirates, as well as the crew and specifics of our pirate ship. We do just a tad of roleplaying at the end to get a feel for how Success Rolls work, and set things up nicely for next session. So far we’re all enjoying it a lot!


Brandon: Dirty Dick Wiggins Ship’s Gunnery Master Soul: 4 Devil: 4 Brutality: 4 Ambition: 4 Brinkmanship: 4

CJ: Bloody John Parr Ship’s Surgeon Soul: 4 Devil: 4 Ambition: 4 Brutality: 3 Brinkmanship: 4

Kevin: Solomon Cruikshank Ship’s Quartermaster Soul: 4 Devil: 4 Ambition: 5 Brutality: 5 Brinkmanship: 5

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3 Responses to “Poison’d Actual Play Session 1”

  1. louis vuitton Says:

    my God,:[:[ i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it

  2. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Lately, we have decided to keep more of the commentary in. You’ll be seeing more of it from now on!

  3. Tenant Screening Says:

    Extremely good, Many thanks.

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