Psi*Run Actual Play 2

The thrilling conclusion to our run of Psi*Run!

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6 Responses to “Psi*Run Actual Play 2”

  1. F.I.B. Says:

    “Shedd aquarium.” “It’s right by an airport.”

    Not anymore. :-( Meigs Field was closed in 2003. Thanks Motor Daley!

  2. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Yeah, forgot about that. It was the default starting airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator for years and years. End of an era!

  3. Matt Says:

    ‘Tapwater’s had sperm in it at some point’

    Godammit, guys! Right while I was drinking(water)!

  4. Keovar Says:

    If homeopathy works, what does dinosaur piss cure?
    With the same water sloshing about for billions of years, it’s touched everything by now, so every drop is a cure for every ailment. Therefore, no one ever gets sick…

    Next time (the review) for the intro or outro, could you use Pink Floyd’s ‘Run Like Hell’? Or, perhaps more interestingly, you could use the cover version performed by KiTTiE. :)

  5. Kevin Weiser Says:

    I have no doubt CJ (who is nearly always wearing a Pink Floyd hat or shirt when we record) will fully endorse that outro suggestion!

  6. Keovar Says:

    Thanks! It was fun to hear my small suggestion used. :)

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