Interview 20: Luke Crane and Vincent Baker

Kevin and Troll sat down with Luke Crane and Vincent Baker while at Burning Apocalypse con on 11-11-11. Well, actually, we sat down with them on 11-12-11, but who’s counting? We talk with the two about their differences in community building, playtesting, and what they love/hate about each other’s games. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to “Interview 20: Luke Crane and Vincent Baker”

  1. zipdrive Says:

    Hi guys,
    A fine episode, as usual.
    I’ve got one request, though: Can you do an RPG-only RSS feed? I’m really not into comics and downloading then deleting all the CC episodes is a chore.


  2. Kevin Weiser Says:


    Ask and ye shall receive!

    It’s also over in the “RSS Feeds” link on the main page.

  3. Ville Halonen Says:

    This was good fun! The interviewees clearly bring the fun out of each other, and your questions were great, sort of “I’ve always wanted to know exactly this stuff about these guys but didn’t know it before”.

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