Interview 9: Ryan Macklin and Leonard Balsera on the Dresden Files RPG

Due to some lucky circumstances, I managed to land an interview earlier this week with Ryan Macklin and Lenny Balsera. This was a serendipitous event, as Evil Hat had just released their official press release announcing the release date and info about the Dresden Files RPG. I sit down with these two and BS about the challenges of creating a game from the Dresden Files license, then we dive into some of the nitty gritty about how FATE was used to create the world of Harry Dresden.

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3 Responses to “Interview 9: Ryan Macklin and Leonard Balsera on the Dresden Files RPG”

  1. Thom Says:

    Hey. I know I can listen to it right here, but will this show be available through your iTunes feed soon? I’m just lazy and I like to download the stuff straight to my player. Nice to have you guys back BTW.

  2. Kevin Weiser Says:


    We never left. :) We just switched from (an all-in-one hosting website that will do the feeds for you) to (software so you can do everything yourself, including the feeds). Because of this, the URL for our feed changed. It is now: or if you want to skip the AP episodes, here’s the feed for everything but AP:

    There was a bit of a SNAFU when we changed URLs, and the password to the account for iTunes that has our feed info has been lost. And also, I’ve heard it’s a real bitch to get it changed, anyway. Point being, we can’t get iTunes to change the URL for the feed, despite repeated attempts to email Apple about it. I’ll shoot ’em another email, though. As I’ve been getting this comment in one form or another a LOT these past couple days.

  3. Thom Says:

    Nice. It’s a bit like finding out a TV show you used to follow started up again without you knowing it :) Now I’ll have some goodies to listen to without having to wait between episodes. That’s really the only drawback of being a niche podcast enthusiast like me; there are only so many good podcasts out there and only so much time to spit out new material.

    Thanks for the links and for making commuting and keeping my apartment clean much easier for me. 😉

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