Interview 13: Vincent Baker

After running three of his games back-to-back-to-back, we were pretty excited to sit down with D. Vincent Baker to chat about our experiences. We spend some time talking about aspects of Dogs in the Vineyard, In a Wicked Age…, and Poison’d, as well as cover some of his basic design¬†philosophies. Unfortunately our first attempt to conduct this interview met with some nasty technical difficulties. There are a couple references to the fact that this is the 2nd attempt, but we only got about 10 minutes in, so no worries, you didn’t miss anything. This interview was great fun, and we can’t wait to have Vincent on again to talk about abandoning games!

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7 Responses to “Interview 13: Vincent Baker”

  1. Willow Says:

    That’s Palecek.

  2. Willow Says:

    The URL for the specific oracle Vincent mentioned is here:

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  4. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Andreas Davour has a pretty cool blog called The Omnipotent Eye. He had us at eye-related titles! :)

    Anyway, he just posted a good little bit about his feelings on rape in games, based on what he heard in this interview. Check it out:

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