Interview 11: Ron Edwards (Part Two)

Here’s the 2nd half of Kevin’s interview with Ron Edwards.  In it we discuss the necessary skills and attitudes for approaching gaming, a breakdown of some of Kevin’s prior difficulties with Sorcerer, and finally some discussion on what The Forge is all about. Kevin does a fantastic job of sticking his foot in his mouth by comparing The Forge GenCon booth to a Scientology recruiting station. See how he backpedals! Awkward comparisons aside, I had a great time sitting down and talking with Ron. I look forward to seeing him again at Forge Midwest 2010!

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3 Responses to “Interview 11: Ron Edwards (Part Two)”

  1. Barriers and perceptions of the Forge | Stories You Play Says:

    […] here my friend Kevin Weiser interviewed my friend Ron Edwards. They talked about the Forge, and the […]

  2. Dave (aka Nev the Deranged) Says:

    Great interview, man. I love interviews with Ron, because he is relentlessly productive in his interviews- there’s very little throwaway material, and most tangents that do get taken up by him go somewhere interesting.

    There totally was a cult of personality around Ron in the early 90s, I know because I was a devotee and Forge sycophant myself, and I know I was not alone. But that sort of thing fizzled out in one way or another for everyone, for exactly the reasons he states here: he just won’t engage people on that level. I went through a period of just wanting desperately to be part of the “indie scene” in some way. But ultimately it’s not about any “scene”, it’s about the games. And even more than that, it’s about the people.

  3. The Relevant Dickweed « Story by the Throat! Says:

    […] recently interviewed by Kevin Weiser for the Walking Eye podcast. At about the 30-minute mark of Part 2 (the interview is QUITE extensive, but worth it if you’ve got the stamina), he remarked, […]

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