Interview 15: Fred Hicks and Jim Butcher on the Dresden Files RPG

It was our great pleasure to sit down with Fred Hicks of Evil Hat and Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files.  It’s a rare treat when Fred and Jim, longtime friends, are actually on the same side of the mic together. Troll, Kevin, and Jen talk with them about their gaming history, their friendship, and what dealing with the Dresden Files has taught them about themselves and their friendship. Enjoy.

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4 Responses to “Interview 15: Fred Hicks and Jim Butcher on the Dresden Files RPG”

  1. Jim and Fred Interviewed on The Walking Eye | The Dresden Files RPG Says:

    […] A rare event! Both Jim Butcher and Fred Hicks get interviewed on The Walking Eye podcast, and talk about the novels, the RPG, and gaming in general. Have a listen! […]

  2. luminos Says:

    Very cool interview. Thanks to you guys for getting this interview. Thanks to Fred and Jim for giving the interview.

  3. Maryelidee Says:

    Thanks so much for doing and posting this fun interview. It’s nice to know how some thing you love has come about; every little interview adds a few more details.

  4. stacey chancellor Says:

    This was amazing and the first time i have ever heard both of them in the same intterview.

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