Discussion Episode 6: Misspent Youth Review

Kevin, CJ, Dan, Jen, and Brandon discuss their recently completed run of Rob Bohl’s Misspent Youth. We break down the basic mechanics of the game, debate on a few of the changes planned for the final version, and deliver a final verdict; irrevocably shattering Rob’s fragile ego. Just kidding! We loved it and think everybody should play it. Up next is an interview with Mr. Bohl himself, one we’re all looking forward to!

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One Response to “Discussion Episode 6: Misspent Youth Review”

  1. Tymen Says:

    Love the Podcast, this game sounds extremely fun. When Jen mentioned doing a Western, it made me smile, for I want to play a game of Misspent Youth set during the Lincoln County War with Billy the Kid and his gang against the Murphy-Dolan Authority. I’m going to pick up a copy.

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