Misspent Youth Session 4 Finale

Kevin, Jen, CJ, Dan, and Brandon bring the Misspent Youth story arc to a thrilling conclusion! The cat is out of the bag now that we’ve organized a world-wide school riot and The Company isn’t pulling punches anymore. This session is structured slightly different then the previous ones, as we used the designer Rob Bohl’s newly developed round-robin scene framing mechanic. This took a lot of the plot control out of Brandon’s hands, but he adjusted to it pretty quickly. We were still able to come together with a coherent plot and a satisfying ending. Stay tuned next week for our review!

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  1. stacey chancellor Says:

    Wow. That was a very cool session. You can definately see how the group came to understand the system and feel more comfortable. Also the new rule where every round is started by a different player (and answering three questions) really enabled the group to focus on each round. Also, that has to be the greatest (and possibly only) use of a casserole dish in a tabletop rpg EVER!

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