Apocalypse World Review

Kevin, Jen, CJ, and Troll gather around to discuss the ins and outs of D. Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World. There were a wide variety of opinions about Apocalypse World, and we spend some time discussing the particulars of the GM style of AW and how the tone of the text affects some people’s enjoyment of the game. Overall, we really enjoyed Apocalypse World.

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  2. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Translation for the above pingback for those who are interested:

    Some of you may have heard about World Apocalypse , published in last year’s game, Vincent Baker (Dogs in the Vineyard, Poison’d, In a Wicked Age.) If you wonder where did the hype on this game, or just about what it was all about, you may be interested in the last two part podcast, The Walking Eye – the long hours of game reviews and discussions on who and why will reach the present good fun, oraj what kind of players should celebrate this product a wide arc, and as long interview with the author of the game.

  3. Jon Says:

    Great Review, but there are a few corrections.

    Remember that a Seduce/Manipulate move is an offer, not mind control. If a player succeeds on a seduce/manipulate against another player, they can choose a carrot or stick (and if they roll really well, both carrot and stick). If it’s carrot, the affected player can choose to go along with it, and IF they choose to go along with it, they get an experience point.

    If you go with a stick, their refusal to go along with it then results in an Act under Fire roll (to which the GM can then apply moves to should they not succeed). It’s important to remember that failing the act under fire roll doesn’t mean that they suddenly go along with the seduce/manipulate. The refusal is respected, there’s just consequences out in the world.

    The players can always refuse to go along with the Seduce/Manipulate, if they want. They just abandon the carrot, or suffer the stick (or both!)

    Secondly, you didn’t explain the Brainer sex move correctly. Give it another read, it’s different from what you explained on the podcast. You got it mixed up with the Savvyhead.

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