Misspent Youth Actual Play Session 1

Kevin, Brandon, Dan, CJ, and Jen sink their teeth into the ashcan of Misspent Youth by Rob Bohl. This session covers character creation, setting creation, and Authority creation. It’s our first real attempt at collaborative setting creation, though a few of us have some experience with Burning Empires‘  World Burner. I’m pretty pleased with the results. Here’s a basic rundown of our setting and characters:

Theme: Violence, Class, Innocence

Clique: History club. “Hardcore Historians” (Nerdy Athletic Miscreants) “To preserve and promote the glories of our civilization through understanding of our history”


Jen Somber Naital 15yr old Loud and Angry, naive and pretty, stern leader

Mistreatment: Abused Motivation: Thrills Means: Bad

Schtick: Fast Talkin’ Hard Brawlin’ Party Girl Glitch: “Cares too much”

CJ Nix Ranz 15yr old Silly But Serious, sex crazed teen

Mistreatment: Spoiled Motivation: Optimism Means: Cool

Schtick: Can Hot Wire Anything Glitch: Virgin

Dan Valla 12yr old small kid with big attitude, gratuitously emo

Mistreatment: Neglected Thrills: Pride Means: Tough

Schtick: Sherlock Holmes wannabe Glitch: Little Man Syndrome

Kevin Celedor 17yr old shy and bookish, wandering dreamer

Mistreatment: Sheltered Thrills: Altruism Means: Smart

Schtick: “Catch me if you can” Glitch: Caught up in the Details.

Notes and relevant links:

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