Discussion 51: Emergent Story in EVE Online

Jen returns during her brief bit of free time from Grad School to tell us about how she’s been keeping sane: EVE Online. We discuss how the complexity and community of the game makes for an immerse experience that produces compelling narratives.

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  1. JenJDixon Says:

    A few other fun/interesting links if you’re interested:
    A TeamSpeak recording during/after and awox: https://soundcloud.com/gecko-1-1/gecko-fleet-phoon-awox

    Eve Market, a tool many use to check prices in game: http://eve-central.com

    The eve Sov map: http://nexusfleet.org/public/resources/influence_map (I couldn’t check this link from my mobile device but I believe it is correct)

    My favorite eve tool, DotLan, an interactive map of the universe: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map

  2. Andyjobo Says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that Jen kept mentioning how Eve was a new “Universe” with a bunch of different “galaxies” you could travel to. I have only played Eve a short time, but I believe it is a big “Galaxy” filled with “star systems” you can visit. These types of details matter to engineers and scientists!!! Come on people, let’s get our astral body hierarchy right here!

  3. @seanovan0 Says:

    I’m with Kevin, I love hearing about EVE, but won’t ever play unless I somehow end up with a lot more free time, and even then I have a few big problems with the game. You can’t walk away from the game and pick up where you left off. Real money is being fought over, and that tends to turn people into dicks. And from leading a 25 man raid guild in WoW, I know this stuff can turn into a job with a lot of drama.

  4. Shawn Says:

    As someone who had heard about EVE a few times but never really looked into it, this tipped me over the edge and I created an account. And as someone who gutted a WoW guild way-back-when, Jen’s hijinx sounded really [i]interesting[/i].

  5. Syren Says:

    I have not played for quite some time, but I remember I was a budding nullsec-corp miner. Budding in that we were still only really highsec. The hope to be nullsec came because, as I think Jen knows, anything below it is pretty much monopolized by minebots(which in highsec are a pretty happy gank target, Hulkageddon ahoy). I had the big dreams to be in that new mining ship the Hulk, shield tanking and dragging in the sweet rarities out in null, with some sec ships and a big ass logistics mover to suck it all up. During the midddle of our corptiem someone began a major accusation on our leader that he had bought the account and never actually paid him for it, he then made war with us while contracting a merc corp to wreck our shit. Initially that did cause us to hide in station, but I ended up just being the most adorable young man in Minmatar chat. Some relatively big name Pirate hunter took a liking to me and said he’d help out, and before I knew it him and his corp of metric badasses had joined on our side of the war. Conducting a mixture of training both somewhat lower to medium level miners like myself and the security hires on conventional combat tactic. To no real avvail to be honest because as soon as the other corp background checked the kill history on this guy in one of those websites dedicated to it they figured they had not been paid enough to deal and pulled. Leaving the guy still swearing vengence on the ceo, but not having much to show for it.

    Corp fell apart afterward after about a month and I felt discouraged and dropped for a while. Life got busy, and I haven’t been back to continue working toward becoming a nullsec miner for years now. But this is making it look interesting again.

  6. Syren Says:

    There is also a part of me that wants to hear on the voice chat one day and say, “That’s fucking Jen from tWE. Fucking kill her.”

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