Bonus Episode: CONvergence 2013

Kevin, Troll, Allegra, and CJ talk about their experience at CONvergence 2013. Yay cons!

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  1. Rachel Kronick Says:

    Thank you for the kind words!

    If you’re looking for games that are out of print, I recommend Noble Knight Games. Their prices aren’t always great, but they have pretty much everything from every era in stock, or will soon.

    Also, the “Roleplaying Outside Your Comfort Zone” panel was great! It dealt with a lot more than just playing something other than a fighter. I wrote up some of it.

  2. malkav11 Says:

    Small world! Both I and my dad have played in Rachel’s games.

    I want to quibble with the idea that a show enters spoiler expiration territory inside six months, though. These days, many people such as myself avoid watching anything at all as it airs and stick to Netflix or DVD/Bluray season releases. Combine that with a killer backlog and there are plenty of shows I care about and am interested in not spoiling but haven’t yet finished or in some cases started. I certainly don’t legitimately get to anything on cable before it comes out on disc.

    That said, I think it’s completely fair to expect everyone who has voluntarily shown up for a panel or other discussion format specifically dedicated to a particular show, movie, game, book, etc to have either finished it or be okay with spoilers because how else are you supposed to discuss it?

  3. Kevin Weiser Says:

    I also take a more liberal view on spoiler statute of limitations. I usually say a couple years after the show has ENDED, but often I’ll just ask: “do you care about X spoilers?” You can work it in pretty quickly once you get good at it. Funny thing is most of the people in the Spartacus panel said they didn’t mind spoilers! Argh.

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