Dog Eat Dog

We check out Dog Eat Dog, “a game of colonialism and its consequences.” The experience ranged from hilarious to awkward, and we found the experience very thought provoking. After the session we spend a few minutes discussing how it made us feel, so stay tuned!

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Trigger Warnings

    Unveiled brutal violence among adults, not explicit. Brief scene regarding domestic violence, not explicit.

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  1. Jason Pitre Says:

    That was an excellent AP, particularly because it showed the social dynamic when each of the occupied were trying to play different strategies. The running amok system makes _much_ more dramatic sense hearing it in play, rather than simply read in the book.

    I have to say that I rank “Dog Eat Dog” right up there with “Kingdoms of Nothing” and “A Flower for Mara” in the rare category of games that support personal growth through the means of roleplaying. I am eager to play it.

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