Interview 24: Cam Banks on Marvel Heroic RPG

We sit down with the affable Cam Banks and talk about the Marvel Heroic RPG. Cam’s a funny and interesting fellow, we had a great time discussing our loves and hates with his game!

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9 Responses to “Interview 24: Cam Banks on Marvel Heroic RPG”

  1. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Collected Miscellanies Says:

    […] Cam Banks on Marvel Heroic RPG – on The Walking Eye #24 (Added 6/22/12) […]

  2. Zeronine Says:

    Piercing interview. I’m sold and picking the game up.

    The value of directly hearing from the game’s designers cannot be overstated.

    Keep these great interviews coming and PLEASE!!!!! . . . . drop another ComicCast! Give us more unstable molecules to play with it.

  3. Jason Says:

    Same. I got mine on order on Amazon!

  4. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Zeronine: It’s been recorded, should be going up any day now!

  5. Weekly Assembly: On Marvel and Duergar Blackguards with Muskets | The Gamer Assembly Says:

    […] Interview 24: Cam Banks on Marvel Heroic RPG at The Walking Eye: Some great insights into how Marvel got put together in this interview with Cam Banks. […]

  6. zipdrive Says:

    Hi Guys,
    First, that was a very nice interview. However, I found two things somewhat disappointing:
    1) The audio quality in both this episode and the previous one were atrocious. Extremely noisy background made for a poor experience.
    2) Since I heard this and the review back-to-back, you seemed to let Cam off pretty easily concerning the parts you found lacking in the game. To me, is sounded like you went from recommending people NOT buy the game as only the combat was any good, to really standing behind it during/after the interview. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for a great podcast!

  7. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Yeah, we had to record that in a different location and our mic wasn’t sent up as well. Shouldn’t ever happen again, sorry! As for our interview, you’re not missing anything, it’s just that coming right out and saying mean things about these games to people you like/respect is, well hard. I’ve slowly, SLOWLY gotten better about it over the years, but it’s still really hard. It’s challenging to strike the balance between constructive criticism and just being some blowhard on the internet. I hope to improve still more in the years to come, though.

  8. zipdrive Says:

    Yeah, it’s hard.
    Thanks for doing these :)

  9. Marlan Harris Says:

    I got the Marvel Heroic game a little while ago and I’ve been listening to game podcasts to figure it out. These broadcasts that you’ve done have been great. You’ve got a great grasp on the rules and it sounds like you’ve had a good time playing, which is just as important. This interview really added some color to the names behind the creation of the game and brought some depth to it. I look forward to hearing more of your podcasts as well as becoming part of the community for Marvel Heroic.

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