Dungeon World Interview with Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel

Kevin and Jen sit down with Adam Koebel and Sage LaTorra, creator of Dungeon World. We discussĀ collaborating, hacks, and what’s next for Dungeon World. We had a blast chatting with these guys, take a listen!

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4 Responses to “Dungeon World Interview with Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel”

  1. Johnstone Says:

    I listened to this podcast and I can tell you with absolute confidence that Adam is wrong, and Sage is right. You are welcome.

  2. Anarchangel Says:

    Tenser’s floating disk is in there: Unseen Servant.

    In fact one of my players looked at the spell sheet, “You can’t fool me,” he scoffed as he crossed out “Unseen Servant” and wrote in “Tenser’s Floating Disk”.

    What’s the commercial you mentioned near the end?

  3. Adam Says:


    This one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1j4MZerR7Q

  4. Chris Says:

    Sort of fell out of podcast mode for a few months but it’s grass mowing time again so I just listened to this one. Was intrigued by DW last year but never investigated too much because I knew we didn’t have time to play it then. Finished the podcast today, talked to one buddy about it, we both bought the PDF today. Planning on hitting it next Friday.

    Still a great show guys, glad to be back with ya. Thanks for the interview Sage and Adam!

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