ICONS Review

Posted in Discussions, ICONS, Non-Actual Play, Review, RPG Only on September 15th, 2011 by Kevin Weiser

Kevin, Troll, Kat, and CJ sit down to discuss their experiences with Steve Kenson’s ICONS. The end result was a bit of a mixed bag, check it out for details!

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Discussion 32: Tone

Posted in Discussions, Non-Actual Play, RPG Only on July 5th, 2011 by Kevin Weiser

CJ, Troll, and Kevin attempt (with some difficulty) to define tone, how it affects play at the table, and different systems that use a variety of tricks to reinforce their tone.

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Discussion 28: The Same Page Tool

Posted in Discussions, Non-Actual Play, RPG Only on April 12th, 2011 by Kevin Weiser

A while ago Kevin stumbled across Chris Chinn’s “Deeper in the Game” blog and quickly became a fan. Chris discusses a lot of interesting topics and puts a lot of thought into each post. One entry in particular caught his attention: The Same Page Tool. This was a tool RPG gamers can use before playing a game to make sure everyone is on the same page for what they expect out of this game, with these people. Kevin, Jen, and Troll had just been in a Mutants and Masterminds game with a new GM, and it became very obvious after just one session that we were not all on the same page. We go through the Same Page Tool question by question and discuss the implications of each question, using the aborted M&M game as an example of how it could help.

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Dresden Files RPG Review

Posted in Discussions, Dresden Files RPG, Non-Actual Play, Review, RPG Only on October 26th, 2010 by Kevin Weiser

Kevin, Jen, CJ, and Troll discuss their experiences with the Dresden Files RPG. All in all, we had a very positive time with this game.  We discuss our reactions to Aspects, the Fudge Dice, City and Character Creation, and how faithful the game is to the Dresdenverse.

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Dresden Files Actual Play Session 4

Posted in Dresden Files RPG, Play Sessions, RPG Only on October 16th, 2010 by Kevin Weiser

Tensions build as Kevin’s Warden Sebastian goes on the offensive and directly accuses the ancient wizard Dick Cheney of breaking the Laws of Magic. From there, things spiral out of control and the PC’s find themselves beset from all sides!

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Discussion Episode 17: Player & GM Authority

Posted in Discussions, Non-Actual Play, RPG Only on March 14th, 2010 by Kevin Weiser

The crew sits down to discuss the big issue we’ve been avoiding for the entire time this podcast has been around: Player and GM Authority. We break down the different kinds of authority and cite examples of how different games use them. Then we discuss how the traditional model of authority (most of it being in the hands of the GM) can cause problems.

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In a Wicked Age Actual Play Session 4

Posted in In a Wicked Age, Play Sessions, RPG Only on October 18th, 2009 by Kevin Weiser

Brandon takes over as GM for our final session of Vincent Baker’s In A Wicked Age… We made a distinct attempt at going for non-violent conflicts this time around, and it worked out pretty well. This session focused around a nomadic remnants of the Uesirans coming to a holy site for their coming of age rituals. Many perils awaited them, from without and within!

Oracle: Blood and Sex

Kevin Chose: The seizure of arcane powers by an arrogant and brutal wizard.
A spirit of the wilds, mercurial in form, sister to gazelles.
The celebration of local fertility or harvest rites.
An oasis of sweet water in a barren wilderness, haunted by the shadows of some vast atrocity committed centuries ago.


Kevin: Ekurzakir, reincarnated into a new, young body.
Best Interests: To Enthrall the fertility spirit and make her my consort.
I will win the heart of the Head Priestess.
Particular Strength: Spellfire

Dan: Aram, Bravest and Strongest of the Tribe
Best Interests: Prove that I am worthy to marry the Chieftain’s Daughter
I will protect our proving ground against outsiders.
Particular Strength: Strength and Bravery

CJ: Sithara, Fertility Spirit
Best Interests: Find the most worthy Youth and give him my “blessing.”
I must punish those who seek to abuse my power.
Particular Strength: Quicksilver Form (shapeshifting)


Gemegishkirihallat High Priestess of the Uesiran Nomads
Best Interests: Protect the Young, for one of them is fated to save our dying tribe.
Particular Strength: Talismen and Rituals of Protection

Uesiran Youths
Best Interests: Complete the ritual ahead of their rivals and return to the tribe.
Particular Strength: Youth

Shadows in the ruins of Kal-Nirar
Best Interests: The city must not be disturbed. Remove outsiders before they become corrupted as well.
Particular Strength: Corporeal forms

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The Walking Eye Episode 12: Post Blazing Rose Discussion

Posted in Blazing Rose, Discussions, Non-Actual Play, RPG Only on August 26th, 2009 by Kevin Weiser

Kevin, Misha, Sabe and Jason talk about their experiences with Blazing Rose.  It was the first GMless game for Misha and Jason, and we discuss how it resulted in a different play experience for them. The conversation then continues on to many differences between traditional and story games, and wraps with a bit of talk with Sabe about his inspirations for Blazing Rose.

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The Walking Eye Interview 7: Luke Crane

Posted in Interview, Mouse Guard, Non-Actual Play, RPG Only on July 18th, 2009 by Kevin Weiser

The Walking Eye crew has a sit-down with the illustrious Luke Crane to discuss his games and gaming habits. We cover a fair bit of ground: a bit of rules theory, production strategy and the “unique challenges” that come with working with a licensed franchise. All in all this interview was a total blast and we look forward to a chance to do it again!

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