Dresden Files Actual Play Session 1

After a month and a half of cons, vacations, natural disasters and technical difficulties, we finally get a chance to sit down and play us some Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat. This first session is our second try at city creation. The first time we decided on Anchorage, AK, and this time around we go a very different direction with Washington, D.C. A few changes have happened since our last run though a game. We got Jen back on the show as a regular, we lost Dan due to Real Life (aka. work schedule conflicts, but he’ll still be doing the Comics Cast) and for this game we’ve got the return of Troll, whom you may remember from our Dread Halloween Special.

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7 Responses to “Dresden Files Actual Play Session 1”

  1. Luminos Says:

    Wow, there are a lot of cool ideas from this episode. I can’t wait to see what characters you guys play as. Have you decided what refresh level yall are playing at?

    I was in a Play-by-post that did Hawaii, and we actually had someone playing as a surfing lycanthrope

    I think Jim Butcher actually made a comment somewhere about the librarians of Congress. Apparently, they aren’t people you want to be on the wrong side of.

    I find it amusing that the brothel madam is a White Court virgin.

  2. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Luminos: We’re going for a full 10 refresh, “In over our heads” type deal. Right now I’m thinking Wizard Blackwater dude. :)

  3. Omega Says:


    I feel this is very relevant.

  4. Nate Says:

    I am screaming suggestions at my monitor! I am doing themes for all my future games, no matter what the system is!

    Example screaming:
    “Diplomat – Spy! No, Diplomat Saboteur!”
    “CIA dude! Destroys knowledge that contradicts the politicians! In the name of counter terrorism! Counters the Archive knowledge cult!”
    “Crushed Intentions! Failed good intentions!”
    “Head of a think tank!”
    “Put the CIA dude at the Pentagon!”

  5. Rich Says:

    I’m in favor of the voting off between Brandon and Jen… oh wait, was that a joke?


  6. Edward Says:

    L’Enfant actually left and took the plans with him. They were redrawn from memory by his assisstant who was a former slave turned enginneer.

  7. Luke Green Says:

    The group I played with in San Antonio set a Dresen campaign in Turkey in a completely made up city. We didn’t bother with cultural differences much. Pretty much did the Shakespeare/Scooby Doo thing. (no matter where you go in a Shakespeare play, the culture is Elizabethan English. And everywhere the Scooby gang goes is culturally 70s to 80s American. Even the modern stuff)

    We started with what elements we knew we wanted in the city, as in mountains, ocean, climate, exotic to our knowledge. And then we just picked a place. And started putting aspects out there such as Parkour Paradise and Ghost Ridden Undercity.

    By contrast, my Strands of Fate game is a build as we go situation. With locations appearing as we need them.

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