Bonus Episode: 2013 Video Games

Kevin, Troll, and CJ talk about all the video gamin’ they did this year.

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  1. Joe Says:

    Troll mentioned a list of indispensable Skyrim mods. I’m just about to get into Skyrim, and would like to know what he would suggest.

  2. Troll Says:

    Here you go:

    #1 is “Unread Books Glow” Sounds mundane but so helpful.

    #2 and #3 “Lightweight Potions and Poisons” and “Weightless Ingredients” CJ says this is cheating, but he’s wrong because shut up.

    #4 “Reduced Distance NPC Greeting” They’ll drive you nuts talking over each other if you don’t.

    #5 “Faster Vanilla Horses” I like to explore, I don’t like to trudge. Makes horses faster, but not unreasonably so.

    #6 “The Paarthurnax Dillema” I don’t know how to explain why this is good without spoilers. Suffice to say, there is a choice in the game that made me very angry and this mod solved it.

    The rest of these are optional, maybe worth turning on after beating the game once, or if you start to get bored. Some are aesthetic, some change gameplay, I run with all of them all the time, probably started at about hour 400 or so.

    “Left Hand Rings” So you can wear two rings, like earlier Elder Scrolls games.
    “Wear Robes Over Armor” Same deal.
    “Waves” If you have Dragonborn add-on, this makes the cool shore wave effect work on the mainland.
    “Dragon Priest Mask Quest Markers” Once you’ve gotten them all once, it’s nice to have markers for future games instead of wiki-diving a bunch.
    “Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers” Same deal.
    “Item Sorting”
    “Fixed Followers Lite” Makes your followers level with you instead of being stuck at whatever weird level cap Bethesda decided on.
    “Upgrade Leveled Items” So when you find some Daedric artifact at level 4 it doesn’t stay a level 4 sword your whole life.
    “Spend Dragon Souls for Perks” This was game changing for me.
    “Heavy Armory” There are different versions for different add-ons, just adds spears and short swords and other cool things.

    Added Content mods:
    “Fall of the Space Core, Vol I.” A little goofy, but fun.
    “Blackreach Railroad” This guy put a lot of work in, it’s neat looking, fully voiced and adds another way to travel. Read the instructions how to install, I struggled until I did.

    Hope that helps!

  3. @seanovan0 Says:

    Just listened to this while playing Kerbal Space Program. Great year for games all around. I need to try Kenshi and 7 Grand Steps. I loved Mount & Blade and you made Kenshi sound similar. With 7 Grand Steps, I like board game style mechanics in video games.

  4. malkav11 Says:

    So, just because it’s my current obsession and I was playing it while listening to this podcast: Marvel Heroes. Not an MMO, really. It’s essentially a superhero version of Diablo (the lead designer on Diablo II is part of the team on this one) but with more tightly integrated multiplayer (it’s actually a multiplayer game in ways Diablo III, despite their claim, is not). You don’t create your own characters from scratch so it wouldn’t work for Troll if that’s an issue, but they do a really good job of making each character feel iconic, powerful, and true (more or less) to their comic context, at least insofar as you can while putting them in an ARPG.

    It’s colorful, pacey, combat is spectacular and engaging, the loot is varied and great – I’m not a loot person but that’s because in a lot of games loot is just different numbers on a piece of equipment whereas here they make palpable differences, boost character skills and there are several equipment categories with completely unique effects and ability profiles. The duplicate hero factor was definitely an issue early on because they only had five starter heroes, it wasn’t easy to get more in game and their prices were kind of crazy, but since then they’ve expanded the roster of both starting heroes and heroes in general, they completely changed how you get new characters (there’s an in-game currency that drops every 8 minutes or so and you can spend it on hero unlocks, among other things), and they’ve lowered their prices across the board.

    It’s also astonishingly improved since launch, so if you see coverage from back in like June (when most people reviewed it), know that the game was every bit as bad as they make it out to be back then. But also know that it’s vastly better than that now and getting even better at a crazy rapid pace.

  5. Kevin Weiser Says:

    This makes Marvel Heroes seem pretty interesting, thanks!

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