Geek Social Fallacies

Kevin, Allegra, CJ, and Troll sit down and have a heart to heart about the 5 Geek Social Fallacies and how, uh, fallacious they are.

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5 Responses to “Geek Social Fallacies”

  1. Gazetteer Says:

    I am not comfortable playing with evangelical Christians. Playing with random cis people is already akin to walking through a social minefield half the time. Playing with someone who espouses that kind of worldview is just not fun. Having to constantly police myself at all times to protect the feelings of someone who is likely to be offended by my general existence is not something I should be expected to do in the name of some nebulous blanket standard of inclusiveness — this almost feels like a manifestation of GSF1 : / Just not comfortable with this characterisation of evangelicals as an excluded minority in gaming fandoms.

  2. Kevin Weiser Says:


    That’s a tricky one. While capital-E Evangelicals (people who make that belief system a central part of their identity) do espouse some rather problematic beliefs about a lot of lifestyles, it’s hard to tell if any one particular person is going to be a total bigot about something. I know some very chill Evangelicals. Of course, any non-chill Evangelical probably would not be able to maintain a friendship with a horrible heathen like me, so it’s kinda self selecting.

    So while I say “don’t judge a book by its cover” I also say “you are under absolutely no obligation to be considerate of the feelings of someone who feels no desire to do the same for you.” Sadly, you might not know which way any particular person is going to be until it’s too late.

    That’s said, once I find out someone is a Men’s Rights Activist, Randian, or Evangelical, I probably won’t play with them either. There’s a big difference between judging someone by a broad demographic, and judging someone by an ideology they chose.

  3. Randomer Says:

    Some covers tell you everything you need to know. I would not socialize with an evangelical any more than I’d read a book with blackface on the cover.

  4. Kevin Weiser Says:


    Welp, Troll, Allegra, and I are playing a session of Dogs in the Vineyard with a Evangelical tonight. Should be a blast! The difference being this is a guy I’ve known for years, and he didn’t start Evangelical. I also asked him some very pointed questions once I found out he had converted, with the clear implication that our friendship was on the line if he didn’t answer to my satisfaction. He did, so we’re cool.

  5. Shane Says:

    Excellent topic and cool to hear your discussion – I think the notion of the geek social fallacies is one of those really useful ideas that’s informed whole areas of my thinking since I heard about it. Yay you for spreading the word.

    Started to tell my wife about the xkcd when a thought hit me. “…Hey, you’re one of today’s lucky ten thousand.”

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