Dungeon World Revisted, Recap of Session IV

And now for something a little different. Due to a technical issue, the last recording of the Dungeon World Revisted AP was lost. So Kevin, CJ, Troll, and Allegra sit down to do a more traditional AP/recap. More character death! More gods! More…Dungeon World!

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4 Responses to “Dungeon World Revisted, Recap of Session IV”

  1. brian Says:

    Is this actually a recap of Session FOUR? Because I listened to your session three about a month ago…

  2. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Fixed, thanks Brian!

  3. brian Says:

    BTW, in response to your request for feedback on recaps: well… I listen to and greatly enjoy the real AP episodes, so my opinion probably isn’t as important, but I still think a recap at the end could be nice as well, especially if there’s been a significant gap of time between episodes.

  4. Avi Says:

    I don’t really like actual play and so I mostly listen to your non-actual play episodes. I liked the recap and would listen to them if you put out recaps of your games. I note however that it would be more work for you. If you enjoy doing recap episodes then keep them coming and I will enjoy them. Maybe their is a niche for gaming stories after all, who knew?

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