Gen Con 2013

Kevin, CJ, and Allegra talk about their GenCon 2013 experience, along with special guest Sean. Troll was also in attendance, but sadly he got sick right before we left. All in all, it was a great GenCon!

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4 Responses to “Gen Con 2013”

  1. brian Says:

    Great episode! Listening to these Gen Con podcasts is always bittersweet for me. But one of these years I’ll get my shit together and go again. Maybe that year I can show my appreciation for the ‘cast by buying you all a drink.

  2. Biest Says:

    You have at least one more german fan in me 😉
    But I can’t afford to travel that far to a con. But listening to this motivated me to go to a con in germany this weekend.

  3. Areileon Says:


  4. Clyde L. Rhoer Says:

    Allegra, and Kevin,

    We have the Battletech machines that used to be in Chicago, up here in Madison. I’d be happy to throw some PPC and AC fire at you.

    Also Mechwarrior Online is pretty fun, I play it quite a bit. It’s complicated to play, so if you decide to try it, let me know. There are things about the game that can only be learned from another person.

    This is in the correct thread now.

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