Forge Midwest 2013 Recap

Kevin recaps his adventures at Forge Midwest with those of us that were left behind. Lots of gaming was done, and listen for an additional bit of review of our views on Mythender.

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2 Responses to “Forge Midwest 2013 Recap”

  1. Larry Lade Says:


    I’m bummed I didn’t get more of a chance to chat with you at the con. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Carcosa!

  2. Bill Says:

    I had initially been interested in Carcosa but was put off when I saw the general controversy over it and backed away. I might have to give it a second look.

    Also, this has me interested in trying to get to my next local gaming convention. Maybe even run this time around if I don’t have a funeral to be at again.

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