Mythender Actual Play Session 3

The Mythenders take on the mighty Thor, God of Thunder! \m/

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2 Responses to “Mythender Actual Play Session 3”

  1. Ryan Macklin Says:

    Hey, yay Mythender!

    So, more rules stuff:

    * Allegra’s resisting corruption during her Badass, Epic Feat should have limited how much she got from that. Look at the Badass, Epic Feat section for those details.

    * CJ’s “seeking sympathy” scene quickly turned into terrorizing a mortal. There totally was no expressing mortality in that, so did that. Healing a mortal = terrorizing mortals for power. Being a human being = actually attempting sympathy. (I’ll admit that I was really bummed listening to that section.)

    Troll’s second Terrorizing might prompt me to fill in some more bits on taking multiple actions during the Mythenders’ Turn.

    * Kevin misread One More Breath, and probably meant Relentlessness?

    * Again, if you roll too low on the Mythic die in batter, it means it’s your choice if you want to progress your Fate, not a denial.

    * The Precise upgrade on Grievous Harm used the old, errata’d version.

    * I so, so winced when you got One More Breath wrong. It doesn’t at all work like how you played it.

    * If you’re using a Weapon or Blight, you do work that in. You don’t have to work in any special, different thing for draining them, though. Just working them in however. I’ll look at the wording there, to see how I’m being confusing.

    * at 1:27:50-ish, you were suppose to say “My mistake, Lord Mythender”

    * There’s a page that talks about what happens in between adventures, as far as resetting and all that.

    I really wish I had time to make a flowchart thing for actions, being wounded, and stuff during the Mythenders’ Turn. Maybe in the future, unless someone else wants to make one for me. #wistful

    – Ryan

  2. Ryan Macklin Says:

    Also, you’re using the old Swiftness rule. To simplify it after years of people getting confused, I just changed it to where you can’t use it to take two turns in a row.

    But, totally valid tactic to do that as it used to be written. I just don’t think I ever did, because that’s more of a dick move than I am cool with. So I hadn’t even thought of that! Well done (also errata).

    In any case, all these comments on this and the last one are also for me to look over when I do my final pre-POD pass of the book, to see if there’s anything I feel like I can change and would be worth changing without fucking with the pagination. So my comments might not sound it, but I’m super stoked that y’all are playing and that you seem to dig it and get the spirit of the game.

    (Oh, and if you make the next session a continuing of the same adventure, you’re likely going to run into more moments of apotheosis. Because some of them are pretty close to that breaking point. And apotheosis is awesome.)

    – Ryan

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