Mythender Actual Play Session 2

Session two of Mythender has the crew slaughtering thrice-hundred Einherjar! \m/ MYTHENDER \m/

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3 Responses to “Mythender Actual Play Session 2”

  1. Ryan Macklin Says:

    Sweet! “Lens Flare” is totally a Weapon.

    I do gotta chime in because you got a few minor and some major rules wrong that were explained in the tutorial parts that you didn’t read. The other players should probably read the tutorial to see what you missed.

    If you roll low on the Mythic Die, you can still choose to progress Fate. You’re just not forced to. Page 93. Those guys who rolled low and wanted to progress their Fate anyway should before the next session. It’s sweet, sweet corruption. MACKLINIAN LAW COMMANDS IT.

    When the Mythenders spend Lightning, the Mythmaster needs to shut up. That’s on Page 136. I don’t see it in the Tutorial, though. Looks like I gotta add that.

    You don’t have to charge Weapons in order.

    Gods are five rounds, not four. Except for Jormungandr. He’s a bitch.

    There is a reason for the Mythmaster to reroll Storm on your last turn: more Thunder to survive longer.

    I didn’t hear you talk about getting the bonus Storm die for charging a Blight.

    You skipped the part about Wounding causes your Companions to charge.

    The “spend 2 Might to turn bonus Storm into Thunder” isn’t just on Titanic Actions.

    Anyway, all of these are important because if you play by these wrong rules, the god will probably slaughter the shit out of the Mythenders. 😀

    Finally, I pronounce it “ein-her-i-er”.

    – Ryan

  2. Ryan Macklin Says:

    Also, you can’t access the other side’s Blights, but you can create a Mirrored Blights (page 138).

    – Ryan

  3. Karl Says:

    Great podcast, and I am really looking forward to reading, and perhaps playing, the game. Fun to see you all taking a trip here to Norway!

    By the way, the mountain you are at, it ends with the word -vik. That means it is a bay, which I guess wasn’t your intention.

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