Mythender Actual Play Session 1

Kevin, Troll, CJ and Allegra sit down to make some Mythenders, and come away with Mama Chaos, Daddy War, and Little Baby Death…

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 Trigger Warnings

  • Discussion of incest and rape in reference to Norse myth, not graphic.

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One Response to “Mythender Actual Play Session 1”

  1. Ryan Macklin Says:

    Fucking metal! I am all excited and shit for y’all.

    Quick errata note: the character with Swiftness shouldn’t have that as the starting gift. Dual Wield is the Gift for that Heart. That was a change I made months ago, but somehow the old version of that Heart snuck back into the final.

    Also, if I may suggest…just fight Odin or Loki right away. If Thor’s just “in the way,” fuck it, go crazy. Y’all are Mythenders. 😀


    – Ryan

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