D&D Next

Kevin talks with CJ and Troll about the various versions of D&D and describes some of the changes he saw in a recent play test of D&DNext, as they’re calling 5th edition nowadays.

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  1. Adam S. Says:

    I suggest taking a look at “13th Age”, I just played my first game of it last week. Character creation is 4E with powers The exciting part that interested me is the non-miniature narrative combat. The strong story setting with the Icons also set it aside and a game worth playing.

  2. Colin Says:

    I’m going to upvote Adam’s comment.

  3. Sandy Says:

    From what I understand, I wouldn’t say that D&D Next is NOT a vancian system anymore than 4E was.

    D&DN still has at will cantrips which do damage. To my mind a true vancian system is that you have x number of spells per day (1 at first level for example) once you have cast x spells your effectively mundane and can’t even detect magic.

  4. Kevin Weiser Says:


    I usually consider “vancian” any system that propagates the “1 hour work day” problem 3rd ed suffered so badly from. Yes, the damaging cantrips are helpful, but are quickly outpaced by the monsters. Then we’re back to resting because the casters are low on spells. It might not be pure Vancian, but it definitely has the same problems, albeit slightly less so in early levels.

  5. Sandy Says:


    Then I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on your definition. In D&D next the cantrips still allow the character to contribute to the party. He can still do damage (not a lot but still some) detect magic, provide distractions, do magical analysis etc. None of which he could do in AD&D.

    BTW (warning old guy about to tell kids to get off lawn) back when I did play AD&D we didn’t stop adventuring because the MU ran of out spells. It was just part of the equation of adventuring. This was often why the MUs carried 20 throwing daggers, or enough flasks of oil to lite a small town. Those were how most MU actually fought fights unless they were really losing.

    Well that and almost always being muti-classed.

    Vancian magic was why I never played D&D for over 25 years even those I gamed heavily during that time. It wasn’t 4th Edition came along and fixed what I always considered the biggest problem in the game that I wanted to play the system.

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