Interview 30: Joe McDaldno

Kevin and Allegra sit down with Joe McDaldno and discuss the genesis of Monsterhearts,  including a good discussion about The Ghost.

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7 Responses to “Interview 30: Joe McDaldno”

  1. Johnstone Says:

    There are some pretty frequent patches of silence in this that make it basically unlistenable. Is this my software or is the recording broken?

  2. David Jay Says:

    Uh oh, same for me. I’m listening in Windows Media Player on a company PC if that helps.

  3. Allegra Says:

    Something happened to the edited file. I had a computer crash and recovered the file, but it looks like the recovery process lost several chunks of the episode. I’m sorry we didn’t check before uploading. I’m currently editing the raw file and should have it up later today. Thanks for your patience!

  4. Kevin Weiser Says:

    The new file has been uploaded, should be good now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  5. Johnstone Says:


  6. Christopher Says:

    Good work on the new file, it’s crystal clear now!

  7. brian Says:

    Great interview! Joe does some really interesting work… You guys should check out Perfect, if you haven’t before. It’s towards the top of my list of “RPGs I really Want to Play but Don’t Seem to Ever Manage to Get to the Table” I’m also kind of nervous to try to facilitate it… though much less so with the “Unrevised” version than the original…

    What game are you doing for the show next?

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