Comics Cast #34: October 2012

October in the New52 give us ghost dogs and giant gorillas, and the end of a masquerade that boldly forges its own continuity. Meanwhile, Dan delves into Marvel’s extended Now, as villains are reborn, teams are shuffled and creators ride off into the sunset. We round out the episode with Invincible – wherein CJ makes what will prove to be a wildly incorrect guess about the tone of the next month’s issue.

Comics Discussed

  • Captain America #18,19
  • Teen Titans #13
  • Action Comics #13
  • Batman Inc #4
  • Green Lantern #13
  • Flash #13
  • Daredevil #19
  • Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #19
  • Uncanny Avengers #1
  • Invincible #96

Trigger Warning

Minutemen #4, which we discuss from about 51 minutes to the 1 hour mark in the recording, continues to deal with sensitive topics. This issue deals with the aftermath of a hate crime and of an attempted rape.

Crunchy Bits!

The Walking Eye Comics Cast #34: October 2012: 1 hours 33 minutes
Intro and Outro music: Pixelguru by Subatomicglue.

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  1. Zeronine Says:

    Big thanks to CJ & Dan for continuing this excellent series.

    The Kitty Pride interview bit had me rolling on the floor. GOOD STUFF!

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