Bonus Episode: Allegra Love(craft)s tremulus!

Allegra takes a few minutes to explain why she’s bursting with excitement over tremulus, a Lovecraftian horror game.

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2 Responses to “Bonus Episode: Allegra Love(craft)s tremulus!”

  1. Ken C Says:

    Looking forward to you all running this in the future. Picked it up myself and plan to run it for our group next week before Halloween. It’s my first story game, so its a little bit daunting getting my head around the rules, but i’ve listened to many of your podcasts and they’ve not only helped a ton, but were a major component in my decision in backing that kickstarter. (and i’ve also picked up most of V.Bakers stuff since listening)

    I’ll probably go back and revisit some of your podcasts as prep, like the Dungeon World game. Thanks for the website. Love it!

  2. Jeremy Land Says:

    Some folks on the tremulus forums recorded their Skype game and put it up for download. It’s five hours long and huge, and due to the nature of hosting, it seems to only be available sporadically, but you may be able to speak to the game’s Keeper about getting it, if you want to hear how the game handles procedurally generated mystery.

    Forum post:

    Direct session download:

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