Comics Cast #30: June 2012

The Past is Prologue! Rogues get reimagined! The gates of Hades are stormed! And that’s just the DC half of this month’s Comics Cast. Meanwhile, Avengers VS X-Men begins its second act, and Dan has a lot to say about it – and about the structure of crossovers in general!

Comics Discussed

  • Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1
  • Batman, Inc #2
  • Flash #10
  • Legion Lost #10
  • Avengers VS X-Men #6
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #12
  • Uncanny X-Men #14
  • Wonder Woman #10

Crunchy Bits!

The Walking Eye Comics Cast #30: June 2012: 1 hour 27 minutes
Intro and Outro music: Pixelguru by Subatomicglue.

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3 Responses to “Comics Cast #30: June 2012”

  1. Zeronine Says:

    Another entertaining and informative comics guide. I enjoy listening to your Comic Cast & then checking out WordBallon. While WB gives us the word from the horses mouth; it is clear the CC brings it unbridled driven by a love strictly for comics.

    Makes me wonder if DC & Marvel would do better by consulting with you guys for direction :) … Just a thought.

    Special thanks to Dan for pointing out the DC wants us to still love them even though they continue to eat their own children.

    I am giving Wonder Woman a try based on what I’m hearing from you guys.

  2. Zeronine Says:

    I think John Romita Jr.’s work would look a lot better with improved Inks & Colors. I like his panel to panel storytelling technique but the action scenes lack dynamicism.

  3. The Dad Hatter Says:

    The only one of the ‘Before Watchmen’ comics I picked up was the Amanda Conner Silk Specter one. Not really because I was super interested (though it was an ok story) but because I really love Amanda Conner’s art and want to see her on more books. World’s Finest maybe.

    I’m still annoyed with JMS for a whole lot of things. Enough that I don’t plan on picking up anything new that he does. That didn’t stop me from finishing up the last few issues of The Twelve for completions sake however.

    I’m glad you guys did Wonder Woman. I’ve been really enjoying the new take on her though I do understand some of the complaints about her being ‘just’ another god now. Still, I think it has very much shored up one of her major weaknesses… that being the supporting cast. WW is awesome but by and large the people she hangs out with and fights tend to be forgettable.

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