Marvel Heroic RPG Session 2

Black Widow, The Sentry, and Wolverine travel to the Savage Land to track down Sauron. Crazy Dinosaur fights ensue!

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9 Responses to “Marvel Heroic RPG Session 2”

  1. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Collected Miscellanies | Exploring Infinity Says:

    […] Episode Two – April 7, 2012 […]

  2. Matt Says:

    CJ x Wolverine = Gold

  3. Zeronine Says:

    I recently discovered your podcast and have been enjoying your show immensely. I dropped comics because I got fed up with tights & capes but then, on a friend’s recommendation, I dipped into Planetary and started loitering on the fringes. Your podcast got me interested in jumping back in until…

    This episode, perhaps I haven’t listened to enough of them, knocked me out the chair with the flanking racist, er… maybe its just offensive… comment about being a scary black man. Bah!

    It is very troubling to me, as I am African American man and probably fit the bill you fellows seem uncomfortable around.

    Anyway, — as I said, I’m troubled that something I really enjoyed, I’ll probably need to drop :( I suppose that’s the world we live in — free speech and all.

    See ya fellaz.

  4. Kevin Weiser Says:


    Kevin here. Right up front I want to apologize for the “scary black man” joke. While that joke was said ironically, i.e. making fun of people who actually *do* believe in that stereotype, I also know that ironic jokes like that are not actually helpful at all. I should have called it out at the time and/or edited it from the show completely, and I sincerely apologize for not doing so.

    As for the rest of the content of our podcast, well, the best I can say is it’s hit or miss. I’ve tried to get better about sensitivity to these kinds of issues, especially regarding marginalized people, but we’re all human, and mistakes happen. Sometimes I don’t even know they were mistakes until months later, and I greatly appreciate your taking the time and effort to call us out on it. I hope you can understand and keep listening to us.

    Shoot me an email if you’d like to discuss this further.



  5. Zeronine Says:


    Thanks for taking the time to reply and for your courage to post my comment.

    Mostly, I wanted to make you guys aware that you had a diverse crowd listening. I get that you guys didn’t have any malevolent intentions.

    I’m sticking with the show. You guys are great. I’m at the comic store every Wednesday because of TWE! If you do continue to pick on stereotypes, try to distribute the pain as uniformly as possible 😉

  6. David Jay Says:

    Sorry to hear you were offended, Zeronine. I discovered these guys a few months ago and listened to all of them all at work. Having binged on their whole body of work in a relatively short time, I feel I can pretty accurately say that this crew seems on the up and up.

    It sucks that someone got upset over it, but I’m as close to 100% sure as you can be that it was more poking fun of ignorant people and less being scared of black men.

    Anyway, listen to some of the other episodes, there are some great ones.

    Speaking of which, Walking Eye friends: hurry up and post more episodes already!

  7. Zeronine Says:

    Hey David,
    Yea, I’ve swallowed whole everything on the site along with almost all the great RPG podcasts out there. The way my issue was handled displayed the integrity behind the show’s cast.

    Like you, my only complaint is that they HURRY and pump out another comic cast!!! I just came back from picking up a load of comics because I needed a fix and dropped the show’s name here at my local shop in Berkeley.

    I’d love to hear a TWE John Harper Interview.

  8. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Collected Miscellanies Says:

    […] Episode Two – April 7, 2012 […]

  9. Boze Says:

    Zeronine, lighten up. Great actual play you guys

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