Dungeon World iPhone App Featuring The Walking Eye

Sage LaTorra has released a Dungeon World app for the iPhone. The app includes the full Dungeon World Basic ruleset, with lots of shortcuts to make navigation easy. It also, and this is the really cool part, contains clips of our Dungeon World Actual Play as examples for how the different rules are used.

I sincerely hope this trend continues, as I would like to see smartphones and tablets put to use as tools at the table. Can you imagine how much faster Dogs in the Vineyard conflicts would go if there was a dice app for it? How about a Fiasco app that keeps track of where the dice go and removes Details as they are chosen? Here’s hoping this is the beginning of something new and awesome!

5 Responses to “Dungeon World iPhone App Featuring The Walking Eye”

  1. Pete Figtree Says:

    I am loving seeing this happening as well. The Fiasco Mobile app is great and now THIS. Very cool. Thank you for tipping me off to this app.

    I would love to see indie game gamebooks start to show up too, gamebooks like Fighting Fantasy or Tin Man Games’ gamebooks.

    Congrats for having your AP on the app. You guys deserve it…solid show consistently.

    Pete Figtree

  2. Spakken Says:

    *shakes fists in the sky in rage* Those of us without iPhones and tablets will fall behind the wave of impending awesome! How shall I ever cope!

    But serious, this is pretty damn awesome. Perhaps I could get my programming friends to help me develop my game into app form before I start looking for a publisher for the game itself. It’d certainly be a better selling point, and it’d help me see if some of these rules are mechanically sound.

  3. Tim Jensen Says:

    We need an Android version, stat.

  4. Mica Fetz Says:

    Greetings! Four days ago, I had never heard of The Walking Eye, nor Dungeon World. I am happy to say that discovering the Dungeon World app, led me here. I’ll certainly be spending some time getting acquainted with you folks. And I’ll be kicking the tires on Dungeon World over the next couple months. Huzzah!

  5. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Welcome, Mica! We hope you find a few more games that pique your interest in our Archives! As always, email/twitter/facebook/comment at us with any comments or questions.

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