Gen Con 2011 Recap

Kevin, Jen, CJ, Troll, and Nora sit down and talk about their wild and crazy experiences at GenCon. Ok… maybe this year wasn’t as wild and crazy as last year, but there was a LOT more gaming going on. Check it out!

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  1. Walking Eye Podcast: Guestbook | Machine Age Productions Says:

    […] quite home from Gen Con yet. But! The wonderful Walking Eye podcast talked a bit about Guestbook. Go check it out. They go over lots of things, but they give a nice, detailed talk on how Guestbook works, and how […]

  2. Adam Koebel Says:

    Thanks for saying awesome stuff about our game. Dungeon World loves you, too.

    “Surprise and fear” is a pretty standard look for Sage.

  3. Ryan Macklin Says:

    FYI, what I did with Leverage was close to the core. I tweaked a couple things to make it (a) quick for a short con game without having the book for Talents, and (b) make it better for a game with four spies in WWII than five thieves. I may blog about the latter bit about that. The core principles we played with were from Leverage. (One of the benefits of being a developer on it is that I could remember that much even with con-exhaustion. :)

    And thank you for the kind words. *fist bump*

    – Ryan “brightly colored Mary Poppins” Macklin

  4. Paul Maclean Says:

    Thank you for the very kind words about our shows!

  5. Jason Morningstar Says:

    Story Cards is a game by Carl Klutzke, who is a great guy.

  6. Jason Morningstar Says:

    I can’t stop commenting! Personal anecdote – I asked a security guard at the Embassy Suites what he thought of the show – Embassy Suites is a madhouse basically all night. He said he likes it and much prefers us to the firefighters that were having a convention the week before.

  7. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Yeah, I heard from a couple people the Firefighters were kinda hard to deal with. Also, apparently GenCon goers are great tippers, and that goes a loooooong way towards making the service industry people like you.

  8. Troll Says:

    Thanks for posting Carl’s name, he was a really interesting guy to talk to and game with, and I felt really bad I couldn’t give him proper reverence for his very clever game.

  9. Ego Says:

    Hey, thanks for this episode. Most places I see giving GenCon wrapups only talk about the more mainstream stuff, and I’ve been more interested in all this indie gaming recently(thanks to you guys and your podcast) so this really helped. I’ll be checking out a number of the things you mentioned.

  10. Carl Klutzke Says:

    Wow, thanks everyone for the kind mentions of me and Story Cards!

    And thanks to Kevin for running Dungeon World. I was the dwarven cleric in the adventure where we made friends with the goblins, snuck past the fighting lizardmen, and only fought two goblins and the evil wizard. Good times, I just hope our fighter wasn’t too bored!

    As for how people in Indy feel about Gen Con, they think it’s pretty weird, but generally view it as a sort of benign weirdness. Lot of my colleagues walk through the convention center to people watch. They’re fascinated with the costumes. And they appreciate the money. I keep hoping that having Gen Con here year after year will lead to an outgrowth of gamer culture here, but I haven’t much seen that so far.

    Thanks for coming to visit!

  11. Daniel Says:

    Hi, I’m Daniel the gamer developer of Victoria (which Sean and Karen played. I sat at the opposite end of the table on Saturday night at the noodle house) who spoke with CJ Saturday night.

    I’m not sure which night he lost his stuff but if it was after speaking with me then I can be contacted at daniel at hazardgaming dot com.

  12. Mitch Lawrence Says:

    Hey guys, thanks so much for discussing my game: Blood, Wits & Steel. You gave me some great feedback and yes, my scope of what the RPG landscape is like has expanded. Getting involved in the indie scene has shown me a lot.

    I know I happen to speak with the owner of the Rock Bottom Brewery, and he said that of all the conventions Indy hosts each year Gencon has the best attendees. They are very polite (which he says is a rarity) and they tip well.

  13. Daniel Solis Says:

    How did you guys know I could turn into a T-rex?

  14. Matt Says:

    So, uh, just out of curiousity, how did Nora break Dungeon World?

  15. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Matt: The situation was this: They were fighting some lizardmen, and Nora was playing a Wizard. A lizardman closed with her and attempted to stab her with a spear.

    Nora: “I raise my bag of books in front of me to protect myself”

    Me (GM): “So you’re defying danger?”

    Nora: “No, I’m Defending.”

    Me: “What? Defending is for when you’re defending a 3rd party. A wants to attack B, and you, C, step in to defend.”

    Nora: “The rules don’t say that”

    Me: “Huh, they don’t. But they don’t make any sense any other way.”

    Nora: “Sure they do!”

    (Argument continues for 15 minutes)

    Turns out she was right. But in the future editions of DW, Sage and Adam are going to be changing the wording of those moves to clarify this.

  16. Matt Says:

    I was wondering about Defend when I read through the book the other day. (Indidentally, my own interpreation at the time put me firmly on Team Nora).

    Thanks for clarifying, Kevin. And thanks, once again, for putting me onto a great game. Keep them coming!

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