Lady Blackbird All-Stars

The 2011 Forge Midwest con in Madison Wisconsin was a huge success. While there, Kevin managed to round up several other podcasters to do an All-Star Actual Play of John Harper’s Lady Blackbird. It was a lot of fun to game with Luke and David from The PodgeCast, Timo Newton from The Jankcast, Jen from our own The Walking Eye, and Clyde from Theory From the Closet. This is a fairly large group, and it was on saturday night, so this AP is a bit more chaotic than most of ours, but it’s still an excellent demonstration of Lady Blackbird, and we all had an absolute blast! Hope you enjoy it.

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12 Responses to “Lady Blackbird All-Stars”

  1. Clyde L. Rhoer Says:

    I screwed up. The buy-offs for Keys in The Shadow of Yesterday, work exactly like Lady Blackbird, except LB gives 2 advances, TSoY gives 10 xp.

  2. Coderodent Says:

    If you guys do requewsts I’d like to hear a Smallville session… And then maybe Fiasco?

  3. Kevin Weiser Says:

    Fiasco is next! I’m pretty certain we’re never going to do Smallville. While I hear it’s a very good system, several of us (myself included) hate that show enough that it kills our interest in the game.

  4. Coderodent Says:

    I’m not interested in the setting either… I want to hack it for Eberron.

    Do a different setting.

    I only got interested when I heard the Narrative Control guy talk about do int a Dune-ville game at a con.

  5. Paul Says:

    Apparently there’s an expansion/hack for TSOY that gives advances to other players for playing into your Keys. That sounds extra awesome to me after seeing Lady Blackbird in action.

    You should convince Luke Meyer to share his Avatar Smallville idea if you ever wanted to do a nonSmallville-Smallville game.

  6. Clyde L. Rhoer Says:

    Hey Paul,

    Where did you hear about the TSOY hack for keys. I had a game I didn’t finish, but was talking about that did that exact thing. I will have a game in the soon future that also does that. I love Keys.

  7. Paul Says:

    This is where I saw the TSOY thing.

    Rob is referencing Banners from Judd’s 1st Quest says: “It’s a TSOY expansion from Judd’s First Quest. In TSOY you can get XP by doing certain things in keeping with a Key (so if you have the Key of Anger you may get XP for losing your temper). Banners expand this so other people can get XP for playing to your key (so they may get an XP forpissing you off). It’s pretty awesome.”

    I poked around on and have found references, but nothing completely clear about what Rob mentioned. I’m sure you could ask him yourself.

  8. Parker Says:

    I just have to give a shoutout to the Ghost Dog reference (I think it was Clyde?). Passenger pigeon’s been extinct since 1913!

    Oh, and also: this makes me wonder why I haven’t played Blackbird yet.

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